Here at Wish Upon A Star Foundation, we are INSPIRED to make wishes come true for those children who may not have the opportunity due to terminal illness and whose parents or minders work for the South African Police Service or other law enforcement agencies in South Africa.

At any given time in South Africa, there are many children in the law enforcement family seeking treatment for terminal illness.

These children’s wishes, hopes and dreams sadly have to take a back seat, as they channel their focus and energy, as well as their families’, into battling the illness.

Wish Upon a Star allows these precious children and their families to put aside their daily challenges for a day by immersing themselves in the activities organised on Wish Day.

As each wish comes true, these families are filled with hope, strength and joy, in order to once again take up the fight against the challenges they face.

It is these magical experiences that Wish Upon a Star, South Africa strives for!